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Campus Ministry

What matters most to you? What gives your life meaning?
Whatever your faith background, we’re all challenged to discover who or what God is in our life and to build on that relationship. At Damien, we seek and find that connection through retreats with classmates, service with the marginalized, and co-curriculars (activities, programs, and learning experiences) that challenge us to grow in our faith.
Through the Campus Ministry Program, we encourage and foster a community of faith and respect. Faith is not merely talked about, but rather lived on a daily basis to promote a life of Christian service.
Every day, students have the opportunity to attend Mass during their lunch period. Monthly the entire school community gathers together to celebrate Mass around such themes as the beginning of the new school year, Saint Damien Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Youth Day, Respect Life, and the end of the school year. We celebrate annually Father-Son and Mother-Son Masses as well as, sports teams, individual theology classes and certain grade levels Masses.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available to the student body on designated days during the Advent and Lenten season or by appointment with our schools chaplain.
No matter your grade or religious affiliation, you can discover more about yourself, your fellow students, and your personal faith at a retreat.
In addition to being “time away,” we like to think of retreats as “time inward”—a chance to reflect and contemplate in order to recharge and renew. Damien students report emerging from our retreats with a heightened sense of purpose and focus: whether it’s on newfound skills and knowledge, a deepened relationship with God, or a renewed commitment to service in the name of justice for all humanity.
During our retreats, students reflect on their abilities and needs while discovering what they have to offer the world. The retreats allow students the opportunity to look within themselves and to search out their true self-worth, their relationship with God and with their neighbor, and to witness Christian faith in a lived-community.
The school offers retreat experiences in the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. And although the retreats are a Christian experience, the student does not have to be Christian to attend.
The Respect Life Club's mission to raise consciousness about the dignity and value of every human life, from conception to natural death.  The club seeks to create an awareness of life issues among students. It will also encourage its members to become social activists who promote the cause at the individual, communal, local and national levels. 
Students learn about the Church's teaching that we are “all called to holiness.” Instead of asking the typical question, “What do I want to do with my life?”; students are asked, 'What does God want me to do with my life?' The Vocation Club fosters awareness of God's plan for our life.